Sustainable consumer behaviour

Consumers embrace sustainability: that includes sunglasses

You probably have people around you that are taking the environment into account more and more. An amazing development if you’d ask us, because the more demand there is for sustainable products, the more businesses will have to become sustainable.

A Deloitte survey shows that consumers are increasingly embracing sustainable products. But this doesn’t mean we're there yet. More needs to be done to accommodate these environmentally conscious consumers. High prices and little information withholds many from really taking action, unfortunately. It’s time for a change!


Living more sustainably due to inflation

Previous studies by Deloitte showed that consumers mainly use sustainable and local products due to the presence of corona. So, it wasn’t really about people’s will to live more sustainably. In 2022 this changed. As everything becomes more expensive, people have no other choice than to be more innovative. In general people have adopted a more sustainable lifestyle by purchasing products that can be easily reused or repaired.


A significant increase in sustainable living

Fortunately, in the past year more and more consumers have started living more sustainably. Compared to the year 2021, people are eating a lot less meat, only buy what they really need and they even opt for means of transport with low Co2 emissions. Despite the fact that this is due to the ever-increasing prices, this is a great development from which we will all benefit in the long run.

For many people, a more sustainable life starts with recycling waste and wasting less food. The survey shows that no less than 75% of the respondents contributed to this last year. Also, 64% of adults have purchased less single-use plastic. A very positive development as far as we are concerned. It is therefore not without reason that Dick Moby's sunglasses are made from recycled materials and biodegradable acetate that is either reused or eventually literally disappears from the face of the earth.


Looking for sustainable brands like Dick Moby

Nowadays many people choose to ignore non-sustainable brands. People are simply more likely to wonder whether certain products are still ethically responsible. As a result, this group of people is proactively looking for sustainable brands. We are happy to say that many find Dick Moby when looking for sustainable glasses and sunglasses!


Sustainable choices for essential foodstuffs

The above shows that many adults live a much more sustainable life in 2022 than a year earlier. It should be added that these choices are mainly made with regard to essential foodstuffs, such as food and (non-alcoholic) drinks. This is also where choices will be made regarding meat consumption. Things have also changed in terms of fashion. Clothing is bought less often, with the choice also increasingly falling on second-hand clothing. For example, 40% of those surveyed in Deloitte's survey have purchased second-hand goods.


What does Dick Moby have to do with this?

We are particularly pleased with the results of the Deloitte survey. It means that people are more and more aware of the impact of plastic on the environment. In a previous study we have already told you about M49, the material with which our products are made.

We strive to encourage people to consider buying sunglasses in favor of a sustainable brand. A sustainable brand that ensures that its products are made from recycled material or naturally break down over time. For many people buying sunglasses isn’t something they do on a regular basis. So why not do it the right way while you’re getting one!


Informing our customer

As you have read before, the limited information available about sustainable products can be a reason for consumers not to buy certain products. Shame! This is why you will find a lot of information on our website about the materials we work with. We think it is important that our customers know what they are dealing with and how we make our products. The reason behind this? To create a bond with you, our customers. And to give you a sense of trust in us.


Dick Moby's price-quality ratio

Another reason why people can be hesitant about sustainable products is their price. Sustainable products are often quite expensive. Not with Dick Moby. Dick Moby's eyewear is often the most affordable eyewear at our retailers. Especially now that everything is getting more expensive, this is an amazing advantage! For example, Dick Moby glasses cost about €230, while competitors prices are set around €300. Have we convinced you enough to contribute to a better world with us?

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