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Appelsap & Dick Moby

Appelsap Fresh Music Festival and fashion go hand in hand. So this year it seemed only logical for Dick Moby to team up with Appelsap and design a fresh pair of limited sunnies to impress the people on the festival grounds.

Of course Dick Moby wouldn't be Dick Moby if the shades weren't from bio-plastic. The limited colourway is fresh apple green and finished with ZEISS gold / green lenses. The recycled frames are hand-made in Italy and only available online.




About Appelsap


Appelsap Fresh Music Festival brings world-class Hiphop, R&B, electronic music and Dutch talent to Amsterdam. Since starting out as a free block jam back in 2000, Appelsap has grown into the groundbreaking festival it is today. Its line-up ranges from local talent to the elite of world-class Hiphop, Soul, R&B and progressive electronic music. Despite the festival’s continuing growth, the convivial atmosphere is still as tangible as it was during the early block jam days.


Available at Appelsap's online shop and our own


Spring & Summer 2017 lookbook

Kwabena Sekyi : Photoshoot

Kwabena Sekyi took a few of our sunnies with him to Cannes, which resulted in this beautiful photo shoot.

Tenue de Nîmes & Dick Moby

Tenue de Nîmes and Dick Moby have developed two pairs of sunglasses perfectly suited for the Dutch summer.

Co-lab: Colette

Leading Parisian concept store Colette has stood by us from day one. So we were over the moon when we got the chance to do a special collaboration piece with them.